First Chords

by Taura Eruera

Introduction to Fingering Chords

The purpose of this first chords section is to teach you how to play the 21 basic chords in open position as individual events.

The second purpose is to train your "new" guitar muscles to learn and perform basic chords without shifting.

These lessons do not try to teach you how to change fluently, from one chord to the next. That is another section.

This beginner lesson online lesson course teaches you to finger the open position chords. Not to change between them.

Changing chords is a different exercise but the common skill is holding a chord formation in your muscles, whether your fingers are on the fingerboard or in the air.

If you are very new to guitar playing, I recommend that you consult the free guitar videos before you try playing these chords, as described.


Chord Learning Tools

For maximum, mistake-free, beginner guitar lesson online, learning benefit, I recommend that you use the following four essential tools when you learn these chords

A Capo

classical capoacoustic capo

When you are learning open chords from scratch you should use a capo on the 5th fret to start with.

A capo for a classical and acoustic guitar are pictured above by Lewis Eady. Prices range from $12 to $45 plus.

A metronome

A metronome is to the guitar player what a stop watch is to an athlete. Your metronome is an essential mistake-free learning tool for your muscles and motor system. Your metronome is an essential accelerated learning tool.

I recommend the Sabine Zipbeat which retails at $49.95.

Sabine Metronome

I don't recommend any other. I have only been able to get them from Musicworks shops.

A kitchen timer

A kitchen timer that allows you to set times frames to minutes and seconds is an essential mistake free learning tool. Time frames are essential for accelerated learning results and training your brain specifically and very quickly.

I recommend the Electronic Clock Timer that retails for $29.95 from Dick Smith stores.

 Kitchen Timer

I own other gadgets that include a timer, like a cell phone for example. But for guitar time frames, nothing beats the electronic timer pictured above. If I knew of a better one I would recommend it.

Guitar Tuner

One thing a beginner needs most when they start playing is a guitar tuner. If you don't have one built into your guitar then you simply must have one.

Without one, beginners cannot tune their guitar. And so they don't play. Not good for progress huh?

I recommend a Sabine NexTune 12Z. 

They retail for around $44.95 and I got mine from Hewitts Fiddle Store in Dominion Road. Check with the Rock Shop and Musicworks to see if they currently stock them.

Guitar Tuner

I like this model because it is basic, simple, does the job and has a real easy to read, black on grey, display (orange on black or green on black don't work for me).

It's not the only model available but it's one that I use and can recommend.

Hot Tip: If you are contemplating guitar lessons with the Guitar Teacher, buy these four things before you even call to set up a lesson.

By the way, if you prefer to experience these lessons on your hard drive and free your telephone connection, you can download the full ebook version now with all 21 lessons.

Take your time learning these chords.  There's no rush.