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November 08.2021
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 The Number One Mistake Guitarists Make When Learning Guitar Scales

 The Number One Mistake Guitarists Make When Learning Guitar Scales

There is a really common mistake that many guitar players make when learning guitar scales. 

This one blunder reduces their price of progress significantly. What do you believe it is? It is simply this ...

They think learning guitar scales means they must learn every single one

I did this myself when I initially started playing guitar. I got one of those thick guitar scale books as well as gone about attempting to learn them all. I was spending hours and also hours a day discovering the scales in guide. I thought that to be a "master of scales" I needed to understand them all! I soon realized that I was making a big blunder !...

Why on earth would this be an absolute blunder? Surely the extra guitar scales you know the better right? Well, if you had seventeen life times to discover them all, after that this would certainly be true.

Yet the truth is, our time on this earth is limited. There is simply insufficient time to learn every feasible scale.

So why does trying to find out huge numbers of guitar scales potentially reduce your progress? Right here are 4 huge reasons ...

1. Learning Guitar Scales the Wrong Way Will Overload You

Just believing that you have to find out numerous guitar scales places you in a total state of overwhelm. You might not even recognize which scales to start with. This feeling of overwhelm can frequently cause laziness. You maintain avoiding your guitar range practice for things that are more fun.

2. You'll be Learning Guitar Scales that are unnecessary and irrelevant

Trying to discover each and every single scale there is can cause you discovering unnecessary scales. These are guitar scales that are not required in order to play the style of songs that you want to play. 

As an example: If you have a love of blues guitar after that it would be a complete waste of time to learn some unique scales that you will never ever utilize. Your time would certainly be better invested mastering the scales usual to blues guitar.

3. Your Learning guitar scales method routine becomes unbalanced.

If you try to learn way too many scales at the same time then there is a great chance that you spend way too much time exercising scales. This can trigger you to overlook exercising various other really vital points such as chording, ear training, chords, improvisation and learning songs.

4. You will be learning guitar scales in a superficial way.

This is when you understand lots of guitar patterns, yet you do not know any kind of on a really deep level. They have not "entered into you" yet. This probably means that you discover that it's tough to improvise in a musical way.

You might sound like you are just running up-and-down scale patterns when you solo.

Four factors that slow down learning guitar scales

Can you see just how these 4 factors can slow down your learning guitar scales progress? Are YOU making the error of trying to learn way too many scales at the same time? What would be some specific things that you could do to avoid making this number one mistake of learning guitar scales that you don't need? (This last inquiry is worthy of some severe thought!).  



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